Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sydney "foodie heaven"

On first impressions when you visit any of the two food retailers here in Sydney you would wonder why i titled this blog foodie heaven. Woolworth's & Cole's have the market pretty much sown up with very little competition, or so it seems, then you discover the local grocery stores that are very popular choice in some of the suburbs.

These stores are usually situated along a leafy suburban street , as you would have found in the UK before the supermarket boom.

The format is simple, deli style layout with a good selection of fresh produce, dairy, fresh and cured meats. To compliment this there is a vast array of premium quality grocery items mostly made in Australia with some additions imported from many regions of the world.

My first experience of these wonderful stores is at Bondi Junction, a short drive from the Westfield mall. Macro wholefoods who were recently taken over by Woolworth's, have kept this one store in its original format, the store only stocks organic produce and groceries but the choice is endless, and as with most stores that i visit over the next few days, the food here is not cheap, Pasta sauce retails in the region of $9 average.

Macro wholefoods
31-35 Oxford st
StBondi Junction
NSW 2022, Australia

+61 2 9389 7611

My next stop is Jones the grocer, a food emporium that provides gourmet foods for everyday living. All products stocked here focus on wholesome & natural ingredients, the in store cafe menu is based around the products it sells giving the customer the chance to try before they buy. One of the product highlights that i find here is a range of cup cake baking kits produced by Donna Hay.

Jones the Grocer
Woollahra 68 Moncur Street
Woollahra Sydney
NSW, 2025
I decide this would be a good place to stop for lunch and take in the ambiance of this busy store & Sydney Life. The tuna and pea risotto that i order does not disappoint. A quick trip round the cheese room, i grab my product finds and head over to Thomas Dux at five ways.
Again set in another leafy suburb this chain owned and operated by Woolworth's but not branded. The store is well stocked with global and locally sourced products from artisan breads, deli meats and gourmet grocery items with not a ready meal in sight, their aim is to bring the excitement and passion for food. It is here that i find one of the highlights so far and on trend with my previous travels, the ultimate risotto kit, along with other various easy meal solutions.

Thomas Dux
220 glenmore road
Paddington Nsw

Next up on the Agenda Auckland NZ

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