Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Brasserie bread

Brasserie bread artisan baking centre is set in an old saw tooth mill a few hundred yards from port Botany. The classic warehouse is the perfect setting for this authentic bakery cafe. A glass viewing gallery enables cafe diners to enjoy the theatre and view the bakers creating handmade bread and Pastries.

The bakery, most famous for its organic sourdough recipe using its 14 year old starter with organic wheat, has an extensive menu of artisan breads including spelt honey and banana bread, Schiacciata [ Tuscan flat bread] and sour cherry loaf.
The cafe seems a popular destination for many, it offers a menu showcasing the breads, cakes and pastries made on site.
As its lunchtime i go for a classic Croque Monsieur on sourdough with rocket, the sourdough adds another texture dimension to this familiar sandwich, the Paris ham and Australian mature cheddar compliment the bread well.
Croque Monsieur on sourdough
coconut and blueberry mini cakes
orange & hazelnut cake
The bakery, voted best bread shop in the foodie guide of the Sydney morning Herald is certainly a destination shop as it could not be further from the heart of the city with trucks rumbling past en route to the port and docks.

this is just one of many small bakeries i visit during my trip to Sydney, each suburb is complimented with a bakery offering good quality rustic and artisan breads, and there is a growing demand for the products that they produce.
Victoire, Balmaine
Bourke street bakery

Haberfield Italian Bakery

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