Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hotpot shanghai style

Just thought i would write on the lunch we have just had, stopped at the food mall just outside Carrefour in the finance district on our last trawl of the day. Decided that we would try one of the small chain of restaurants that you will find in malls such as this.
We are quickly presented with a set menu which consists of chicken, beef or pork as your protein, a selection of chines vegetables, dipping sauces and tofu and Gluten.

Once we had made our selection a hotplate was switched on in the middle of the table and promptly a large steaming pan is brought to your table with your protein choice[ we went for the pork] you are ushered to start eating this as soon as you can as then the vegetables arrive in readiness to make up your hotpot. This you can do at your own pace changing the various flavours according to the order the ingredients are added, all while the hotplate keeps the stock/sauce simmering and improving the flavour

we start to add the tofu, coriander, pak choi, quails eggs, then take some thin slithers of beef on the chopsticks to dip and hold in sauce to cook.

Each ingredient that you take can be dipped into a rich soy, bean curd or fish dipping sauce. It becomes a mass of bubbling rich stew. Hard to think that it is 38 degrees outside and we are eating this wholesome dish.

As you make your way down this pot of amazing ingredients, the chef then tops up the pan with some hot chicken stock and once again changing the flavours when more additions are provided.

It never seems to go down and we seem to be here for ages trying to finish it off. You certainly need and appetite before venturing into this food arena.

Another one to highlight in the notes. Would be great to get this back home.

Next stop Beijing.

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